Christmas Revealed

The Christmas season found us in North Carolina celebrating our grandson’s first birthday! He certainly enjoyed his “own” cake and the adults enjoyed delicious BBQ! Of course, who can forget the fabulous German chocolate cake!

Back to northern Virginia found us wondering thru Merrifields Nursery. As a gardener, we are always seeking out new locations for that “something” different item. A few “things” found their way into my suitcase…

The Saturday before Christmas We journeyed to the National Cathedral for the Christmas Pageant. Not just any pageant, one where children actively participated. A real donkey, sheep, goats and a llama! Our granddaughter was star struck with all the activity. A late lunch found us in Old Town Alexandria, walking cobblestone streets from the 1700’s, and seeing doors and windows of period homes adorned with seasonal color. My mind wondered to a day long ago, and wondered what it looked like.

Christmas Eve was different. A very chilly and overcast visit to Arlington National Cemetery brought the flurry of activity surrounding Christmas to a hault. Seeing row after row after row of white marble stones with wreaths at each one, caused me to think about those who made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. A place to be still and quiet ourselves. There were many there, just walking and reflecting. Something we all need.

Christmas morning was sensational as Santa found us! The awe and wonder on our granddaughter’s face, was a perfect end to our trip, and made our Christmas the merriest of all!



Summer travels always seem to take us “Back Home to Indiana”…and this year was no different. We found ourselves driving a rented Suburban, because children and grandchildren joined us for a few days, with car seats, and all that goes with little ones we needed room to spread out. After the airport pickup, the adventure began. Grandkids exploring nature, with tomatoes in the garden, and zinnias growing along the peremiter…got to keep those pollinators happy!

The purpose of this “adventure” was to attend the annual Davis Family Reunion. Many years the reunion only lasts about an hour or so, but this year was different. Some estimate we were there three hours! Could change be in the air? It’s always nice to catch up, and of course, reflect on those who are no longer with us…..

Before our time together was over, we journeyed to Polly’s Freeze, a local staple for ice cream, sundae’s, shakes, malts, and of course, sandwiches, all to be enjoyed at a picnic table or on a blanket under towering trees…. But before ice cream, a trip to Rothrock’s Mill along Blue River is a must. While Blue River isn’t really a river in the true sense of the word, it gives us a place of solace, and a place for us all to walk in the water (which is only ankle deep). A refrshing place to just chill and enjoy nature! And….amazing rocks!

Traveling by car can be tiresome, and sometimes the road seems to go on forever. Thankfully, cousin Merv and Martha offer us a bed for an overnight stay in Nashville! This time we enjoyed a visit on both ends of our trip. They are great hosts, and it’s always good to catch up. On our return, we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame with Merv, and Martha joined us for dinner at Puckett’s. If travels find you in Nashville, Puckett’s is a great place to dine….

So back in Texas we are…enjoying more than normal rains and somewhat cooler summertime temps, as is the garden. Weeds are certainly easier to pull! Everything is green, and I am excited about a rebirth in the garden as fall approaches.

An Afternoon in Solace…

With over 3 inches of rain Saturday, and cooler than normal temperatures Sunday, Daisy and I found ourselves at one of our favorite spots, the Dallas Arboretum. What a pleasant afternoon to stroll thru the gardens, walk the meadow and watch the sail boats on the lake.

Walkways lined with a backdrop of lime-colored coleus bordered by cockscomb along the expansive walkway was breathtaking. These colors complimented by huge shade trees, drew the eye farther down the path. Benches here and there, gave a quiet sitting place to “people watch” and enjoy the view.

The Women’s Garden with its formal border, and the pool which seems to fade into White Rock Lake, gives one the opportunity to pause, and take in a majestic view in the heart of the city. Sail boats were out in force, watching them brought a sense of peace as these beauties gently sailed across calm water.

Our day ended with a quiet stroll thru the shade garden. Meandering pathways and gentle mist gave us a place to ponder. A time of quiet beauty and solace…..

Appreciating the Unexpected

While waiting my turn for a nuclear stress test, a dapper gentlemen strolled into the waiting area, tapping his cane as he walked.  He entered a room for an echo-cardiogram, and those of us waiting heard the technician comment, “You’re 100 years old”….  That certainly got our attention!  A few minutes later the gentleman re-appeared and had a seat.  Curiosity overwhelmed us, so he told us he will be 101 in July, resides in a very nice “independent” living facility, and is well taken care of.  He is the second oldest living veteran of World War II, and has hopes of being the oldest in the future (the oldest is 110).  He certainly brightened each of our days….  Thank you for your service and being an inspiration to us all!



Over the past few years, I’ve followed some Garden bloggers, and have now decided I might want to give it a try. I’ve been a gardener most of my life.  It all started with my grandparents and parents large vegetable and flower gardens.  I consider myself more of a flower gardener than vegetable garden…just a preference.  There’s just something about “playing in the dirt” that makes me tick.